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Why Is Correcting Grammar Errors in Paragraphs Important?

Grammar is a group of rules that cover both written and spoken speech. When writing your content, it is important that you follow the grammar rules to the letter. You must also clean your paper of all grammar errors before submitting it. Here are the reasons why it is important.

Correct grammar deliver the message as it was intended

A missed punctuation, wrong word choice, or missing words in a sentence are likely to distort the message. Grammar helps deliver the message in a plain language such that readers do not have to think what you meant in the passage.

It helps keep your reader engaged

You would want the reader to go through the entire paper. Improper use of parts of speech, punctuation and other careless mistakes always break your workflow. At some point, you lose engagement with the reader. This may lead to lower grades or a missed opportunity to communicate with your audience.

It shows your understanding of the topic

Readers always perceive poor grammar as a lack of understanding of the topic. Irrelevancy, missed clauses, and other errors may point to a rushed paper or poor research with no concrete information to pass. You may use a grammar editor to correct grammatical mistakes online.

Using a Grammar Improver Online

If you are wondering how to improve your writing, an English grammar checking app can help you achieve it. The app has several features and an advanced algorithm, which finds and corrects diverse types of errors in your paper. Here are a few qualities of the app that make your paper sparkle.


This sophisticated tool finds and solves all types of errors in your article.  It does not miss an error whether spelling, pronoun agreements and punctuation. You can rely on it for comprehensive English grammar help.

Ease of use

It is easy to correct grammatical mistakes online. The tool does not require the user to have any technical knowledge of manipulating software or programming. You just need to follow the steps outlined in the section below and get your work cleaned.

Fast proofreading

Most students wonder, “How do I correct my grammar fast now that I am running out of time?’ Luckily, our paper proofreader can correct your work faster than manual proofreading. You will get the tens of pages of your thesis ready for submission in a matter of minutes.

Suggestions to help improve your writing

Instead of automatically changing your text, the English grammar correction online tool underlines the incorrect text and makes a suggestion in another colour. You can then go through your work and learn what mistakes you have made so that you improve your writing. With time, you can put the suggestions to use and make fewer mistakes. This is especially helpful to writers who have learnt English as the second language and may not understand some grammar rules.

You may use it for free

Most free grammar checkers are limited in terms of the features and ability to proofread long documents. However, our free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector offers you all the tools you need to polish your work at a click of a button. Therefore, if you are working on a shoestring budget or do not want to spend on an English grammar checking app, this is all you need. If you are asking, “Is there a simpler way to review my paper?”  Try our stellar grammar editing software to enjoy the above qualities.

Grammar Errors You Can Correct with Our Free Online Grammar Checker

Our grammar fixer can correct various types of grammar errors effectively. Here are some of them:


It is easy to forget a comma or a period in your writing. Some writers misuse colons, semicolons and dashes. Our online grammar sentence check tool is able to identify missed punctuations, improper use of punctuation marks and spacing errors in your content.


Our tool picks misspelt words and checks whether your choice of words fit the context of your writing. For example, the use of practice and practise. This ensures that your work is correct in terms of the spelling and the context in which they are used.

Pronoun-noun agreement 

 Some writers have problems when choosing the right pronouns based on the antecedent or the noun.   Our grammar checker tool can find improper use of pronouns as well as shifts in the pronoun usage and recommend changes as required.

Verb forms

Our paper improver is able to detect the wrong use of verb tenses such as confusing present past and future tenses based on your context. It also fixes wrong verb forms. For example, you may have used the present simple tense instead of the continuous tense. This tool also checks the improper shifts in verb forms and recommends the right changes.

Run-on sentences

Run-on sentences are fused sentences. This means two complete sentences are joined as one without using a conjunction or a comma. These sentences can be long or short. Our grammar editing software can tell when you fuse sentences and recommends splitting it into two sentences.

Squinting modifiers

A squinting modifier is a misplaced modifier. When used in your work, it makes your sentences ambiguous, as the reader cannot tell whether you are modifying the phrase before or after the word. For example, “Getting money quickly changes your lifestyle.” (It is not clear what quickly refers to). This tool fixed squinting and dangling modifiers.

How Does Grammar Improver Online Work?

The English grammar online check tool uses proprietary software to find and fix grammar errors. Once you paste your content on the editor, it starts running in the background and underlines all errors. Besides each error, it writes the suggested correction and a quick explanation of the error. All you have to do is go through the work and make changes as explained. If you are asking, “Can I check my paper for grammatical errors in an online editor?” Our tool allows you to make changes right on the editor so that you copy a polished paper. 

Free Online Grammar Checker vs Other Online Assistants

Our paper improver has features found in some premium online assistants. However, it has more features and offers a more comprehensive grammar check than many of these tools. Second, the tool is easier to use than many comparable tools. Users just need to paste their work on the tool’s editor, and the tool does the rest. Most of the other tools require users to download them and install them on their devices, which means they cannot be used on many platforms. Lastly, the tool is free, unlike other assistance that requires a paid subscription to access most of the features.

Who Can Use English Grammar Reviewer

Anyone can edit grammar online free with our tool. Therefore, students who are writing their term papers or thesis, bloggers writing content for their sites, marketers who are creating sales letters and other correspondence or just anyone who wants to polish some content before using it, can use it.

Best Grammar Sentence Check Practices to Improve Your Paper Quality

Are you wondering how to improve grammar? Here are the best practices to ensure that your work is error-free before submission:

Complete your paper in good time

Many students wait until the paper is due in a few days to start their work. This often leads to a rushed paper full of errors, as they do not have enough time to review the paper. Therefore, if you want to know how to improve academic writing, start working on your paper early so that you do not rush and get time to proofread it.

Use grammar error detector

An English grammar corrector helps find and fix grammar errors that you may have missed when going through your work. Its inbuilt algorithm can relate different parts of speech in a sentence and recommend solutions to correct the content. The paper improver checks punctuation, wrong word use, pronoun use, spelling and spacing, among other errors. It is easy to use for correction and does not miss errors.

Get rid of excessive punctuation and negativity

You may be tempted to write long, wordy sentences with commas, semicolons and dashes to put your point across. While it is grammatically correct, it may weigh down your writing and make passages hard to understand. Instead, consider writing short sentences. On the other hand, check and remove excessive negatives in your work.  Deal with double negation and the combination of no/not with words that have a negative meaning.

Check paper for redundancies

When writing your content, it is easy to repeat a word or a phrase without noticing it. During proofreading, ensure that you rephrase your sentence so that a repeated word is removed.  A good online writing editor may pick some of the redundancies. However, it is also good to read aloud so that you are able to pick repeated ideas in any passage.

Cut out the jargon (or at least explain them)

Some types of content are made for a knowledgeable audience. However, if you are talking to the general audience, you need to explain the technical words and ideas. When proofreading, find simpler words for jargon in your writing. If certain terms cannot be replaced, consider explaining them in brackets or a few sentences.

Reduce the usage of passive voice

It is not wrong to use the passive voice in your work. However, excessive use of the voice kills the power of persuasion that comes with the active voice. If you want your work to come out clearly and concisely, you need to rewrite most of the sentences that are in the passive voice when proofreading. A good English grammar reviewer can also help pinpoint such passive voice phrases and give suggestions.

Deal with verbiage

Verbiage is the use of unnecessary and complicated terms that do not add value to your content. The fluff is always seen as a way to fill up the word count. Reread your work and find ways to cut unnecessary conjunctions, wordy clauses and repetition.

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