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Writing academic papers is very important for the students from different aspects such as obtaining the desired marks in exams, achieving the learning objectives and parameters associated with academic writings, and others. To achieve all those objectives, your academic writings should be free from all grammatical errors and plagiarism with the help of a proper academic grammar check.

How can I check my research paper for plagiarism and grammar errors? The simple answer to this question is to use an academic paper editor online. You can use manual ways such as doing it yourself (DIY) or hiring a professional service for editing your academic paper for a certain fee. In this article, let’s discuss the specifics and different types of mistakes made by students in a few important types of academic writings and how an online tool can help you.

Different Types of Academic Writing Proofreading

Is it different to check my assignment in diverse academic writing categories? The basic principle of proofreading academic writings includes finding and fixing grammatical mistakes, punctuations, capitalization, sentence structure, type of academic writing, and verifying the requirements set forth by different referencing styles used in the academic writings.

Every academic writing has different requirements set by the teachers, professors, researchers, or institutes. So, we can say yes, every academic writing needs a different way to proofread it. A few of those types of academic proofreading are mentioned below.

Online Thesis Editing

A thesis is a very important document for undergraduate and postgraduate students to show their technical skills, research capabilities, writing skills, and proper document editing. A professionally designed and developed thesis editing should have the following specifications.

thesis editing

Specifications of good thesis:

  • A clear description of the idea of the topic
  • Clear presentation of your idea about the topic inline with set guidelines of the assignment
  • Correct ways of citation and references inline with the chosen referencing style
  • Proper capitalization of sentences and titles as per the chosen referencing style
  • Free from all grammatical errors such as misuses of verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, and others
  • No punctuation and spelling errors
  • Right formatting and tone of thesis in line with the type of academic writing
  • Smoothness in the flow of the thesis
  • Free from plagiarized content

Common mistakes made by students

While creating a thesis document, students may commit the following mistakes:

  • Spelling and punctuation errors
  • Subject-verb disagreements, tense shifting, run-on sentences, etc.
  • Misuses of active and passive voices and prepositional phrases
  • Mixing with the requirements of referencing styles
  • Misuse of word choices and accurate action verbs
  • Skipping of mistakes while grammar checks
  • And others

Our online thesis grammar checker can remove all of the above-mentioned mistakes made by the students and can make your thesis document fully compliant with the specifications of a good thesis. Our online tool detects the tone, smoothness, engagement, and correct format of the thesis to help you make it a great piece of text.  

Comprehensive Dissertation Proofreading

The main objectives of comprehensive dissertation proofreading are to develop a research document for higher degrees that result in the elite grades in your master’s or doctorate degrees. Through proper grammar help with dissertation editing, you can achieve this objective easily. The top specifications of a professional dissertation should include the following.

Specifications of good dissertation:

  • A proper structure of the dissertation
  • Proper argumentation and descriptions in line with the requirements
  • Should not contain any grammatical errors
  • Must have proper punctuation in the entire document
  • No plagiarized content and spelling mistakes in the document
  • Clarity with full precision in the entire dissertation
  • Smoothness in the flow and engaging tone

Common mistakes made by students

When you check the mistakes in any dissertations, through any professional dissertation grammar checker, written by the students, especially those who use English as a foreign language (EFL) make so many mistakes. A few of those mistakes are listed below:

  • Improper structure of dissertation document
  • Run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and comma splices
  • Irregular capitalization of sentences and words
  • Digression from the guidelines of the referencing style
  • Punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Undesirable tone and format of the dissertation
  • Increased bluntness and unengaging way of writing
  • Presence of plagiarized content copied from online sources
  • Misuses of passive and active voices in the document
  • Wrong usage of prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • And many others

Our specialized online sentence editor can catch and correct all major mistakes made by the students in their respective dissertations. You can also set the conditions such as referencing style, tones, and other guidelines for checking your dissertation through our online research paper corrector.

Article Grammar Checker

There is a wide range of academic articles that are created according to different guidelines based on different academic writing styles, referencing styles, and other academic writing standards. The requirements of editing and proofreading through online article editing software will also vary from article to article. The top specifications of a professionally written and proofread academic article should have the following specifications.

article grammar editing

Specifications of good academic article:

  • Precise and clear to describe accurate meaning and objectives
  • Proper use of facts, arguments, and logics
  • Free from punctuation, spelling, citation, referencing, and grammatical mistakes
  • Should have a smooth flow to connect all parts of the academic article without any breaks and discontinuity
  • No fragments of sentences, free-standing dependent clauses, comma splicing should be present in the document
  • Content in the academic article should be free from all types of plagiarized content – online as well as offline content.

Common mistakes made by students

The most common mistakes made by students in the academic articles include the following:

  • Grammar errors such as misuses of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, and others
  • Broken sentences, fragment sentences, and run-on sentences
  • Misuses of words, voices, and references
  • Wordy and meatless content
  • And others

You can find and remove all of the above-mentioned mistakes through our online research paper grammar checker tool with a high level of accuracy and precision instantly.  

Reviewing Grammar on a Book Review and Editing Literature Review

How to check if grammar is correct for book review and literature review of an academic paper? Editing and proofreading of a book review for grammatical mistakes can be performed by numerous online grammar checkers like our one. You can also check the correctness of grammar in a book review by checking it manually.

reviewing grammar on a book review

Specifications of good book/literature review:

  • Compact and comprehensive content to justify the topic
  • Smooth and flood in reading and engagement
  • Completely free from all types of grammatical mistakes
  • Formal tone supported by the strong arguments
  • No plagiarism of text or other content

Common mistakes made by students

Normally, students make the following mistakes when you do the online check book review done by the students.

  • Lengthy, wordy, and meatless arguments
  • Lacking smoothness in content flow and reader engagement
  • Certain mistakes related to grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Incorrect tone and formats
  • Lacking connection between multiple paragraphs
  • And many others

Our research paper editor can detect wrong word choices, wordy text, grammatical mistakes, punctuation, and spelling errors perfectly from all types of book reviews and literature reviews of your academic writings with perfect results.

Research Paper Helper

Research papers can be classified into four major categories with variable requirements, standards, and guidelines based on different referencing styles. The major categories of research papers, which you can proofread through our online research paper helper are listed below:

  • Descriptive academic writing
  • Expository academic writing
  • Persuasive academic writing
  • Narrative academic writing
research paper grammar check

Specifications of good book academic writing

Good academic writing is characterized by the following specifications.

  • Clear, precise, and focused piece of research work
  • Recommended research paper structure in line with many writing standards
  • Free from all punctuation, grammatical, sentence structure, and spelling mistakes
  • There should not be any plagiarized text or any other piece of information without proper citation
  • Should have the right tone
  • Proper capitalization

Common mistakes made by students:

  • Digression from the standard and recommended formats of research papers
  • Lack of conciseness and readers’ engagement
  • Full of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes
  • Mixing up of the requirements related to different referencing styles
  • The flow of the research paper and inter-paragraph discontinuity
  • Digression from the required tone and styles

You can achieve the desired characteristics of your research paper and remove the common mistakes by using our online tool for free without any hesitation or second thought at all.

Editor for College Term Paper

A college term paper reflects your learning and the expression skills that you achieved during your studies for the whole term. You should be specific, accurate, and to the point in the term paper of your college exams. If you use our online editor for college term paper consistently, you would be able to achieve the desired characteristics of a good college term paper.

Specifications of good book academic writing:

  • Accurate use of words such as adjectives, prepositions, and others
  • Formal and to the point content
  • Free from all punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Precise and clear
  • Effective and engaging style
  • Free from grammar mistakes
  • Flow in the content

Common mistakes made by students:

  • Very formal and blunt
  • Lacking descriptive effectiveness
  • Having many grammatical errors
  • Many punctuation and spelling mistakes
  • Incorrect sentence structures

To overcome all those mistakes and to make the college term papers more effective as well as full of objectivity, use our online English corrector for all types of academic writings consistently.

If you are looking for a specialized academic paper editor for a wide range of academic writings, check the grammar of your academic paper with our online English corrector now!