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Feeling overwhelmed by unilluminating writing advice online? Perhaps you’ve purchased dozens of books purporting to help improve your writing skills. And even subscribed to the leading blogs in the writing niche. But still you haven’t seen any results. You’re not alone. Writing can be intimidating, especially for people who don’t rely on writing as a source of income.

Every day, we receive countless questions in our inbox, with the three commonly asked questions being: How do I make my sentence grammatically correct? Is there a simple way to correct my English? Can you help me polish my grammar?

The simple answer is yes. Writing doesn’t have to be a slow and agonizing affair. With the help of an online writing editor, a little discipline, and the willingness to learn, you can greatly improve your writing skills.

How to Improve Your Grammar: the Ultimate Guide

In this article, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to improve your writing and write accurate and error-free papers. While at it, we are also going to look at how to get better at grammar and punctuation using an online grammar editing tool.

how to improve your writing

Here are 7 strategies that will help enhance your grammar:

#1. Create an outline

The first and major way to improve your writing skill is to have a clear outline of everything you intend to write about. Whether you are a professional writer or writing for fun, creating an outline helps construct and organize your ideas in a logical manner. It also helps in ensuring that everything is captured in your text.

A good outline should be like a 4-course meal that entails the following:

  • A powerful headline
  • A rundown of the main ideas
  • A list of supporting ideas
  • The concluding thoughts

#2. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short

Now that you have your outline, the next step is to start writing. According to recent research, it is estimated that the human attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the start of this century. This means that short sentences and paragraphs are important toward keeping readers interested. Ideally, you should aim to make your sentences and paragraphs as short as 14 words by separating them with commas and full stops. While at it, also ensure that your sentences are of varying length, as it will give them a nice flow.

#3. Avoid filler words and phrases

You will occasionally come across repetitive words and phrases in your writing such as very, that, just, really, extremely, etc. And although they sometimes add meaning to your texts, in most cases they don’t. As such, always try and avoid them if possible.

Example: That is actually a very interesting question. [7 words]

Revised version: That’s an interesting question. [4 words]

As you can see from the above example, eliminating filler words reduced the sentence by up to 25% without altering its meaning.

#4. Use contractions

Using contractions such as I’m, they’re, we’re, can’t, didn’t, etc makes your sentences less cluttered and much easier to read. For example: I am sure you are not coming to the meeting? Or are you? By adding contractions, it should read: I’m sure you aren’t coming to the meeting? Are you?

#5. Use simple words

You may think that using complex words makes you sound smarter and sophisticated. On the contrary, hard-to-read words are a turnoff to readers, and they won’t help gain traffic. In the online world, where readers don’t have all the time in the world to translate word by word, you should aim at using simple, yet effective words. Almost like you’re writing for a 4th-grade learner. Below is a sample of complex words coupled with their simple alternatives:

  • Assistance – help
  • Commence – begin, start
  • Utilize – use
  • In accordance with – following, per, under, by

#6. Do your research

Apart from plagiarizing, nothing comes close to undermining your credibility other than failing to research. More than often, most writers are eager to finish writing, ultimately opting to use shortcuts when delivering facts. Failing to do research ranges from accidentally inserting wrong statistics or even avoiding it altogether. As a professional writer or a student, this will not only land you in trouble with higher authority but also makes you appear like an amateur.

#7. Invest in an improve grammar app

Editing is one of the toughest skills to learn, especially for beginner writers. And understandably so. Creating your first blog post or a piece of academic paper takes a lot of time, effort, and an almost emotional attachment. 

However, a huge part of writing entails rewriting. This means becoming your own harshest critic with the cold, editor eye taking charge. With that said, some minor grammar mistakes can escape the human eye. And that’s where a grammar write and improve free app or a grammar enhancer like free grammar check software comes in. 

How Can Free Grammar Check Software  Help Fine-Tune Your Writing?

Free grammar check software is one of the leading tools that help writers correct grammar and spelling mistakes in their work. Along with its grammar brush-up capabilities, this tool also helps identify and correct other commonly occurring mistakes like verb forms, pronoun-noun agreement, run-on sentences, and squinting modifiers.

How Does Grammar Improver Online Work?

This free grammar check software is an online vocabulary enhancer application that uses proprietary software to identify and fix grammatical errors. You simply need to paste your texts on the editor, and the grammar and vocabulary check tool will crawl through the text underlining all the errors. 

If you are asking, “ Can the tool help me with my grammar?” The simple answer is yes. The tool helps improve English vocabulary by giving you alternative word suggestions to use in your work. Once done analyzing your work, you simply need to go through the text making the necessary changes.

Mastering English can be tricky and frustrating, especially if you are not a native English speaker. But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Along with paying attention to the above-listed tips you also need to invest in a good online free writing assistant tool. A good online English editor should not only fine-tune your writing by identifying mistakes in your work but also offer English grammar help by suggesting the best words to use. And that’s exactly what free grammar check software does. It is free, cloud-hosted, and delivers instant results.

Choose our free essay grammar check software today, proceed with grammar brush up and take the guesswork out of writing!