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According to the Verified Market Research information, the global market size of writing enhancement software is projected to reach about $768 million by 2027 from $325.25 million in 2018 with a whopping growth of about 11.56% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period. To capitalize on the potential of this huge market prospects, numerous online English grammar review tools have emerged in the marketplace recently.

A huge mushrooming of online English syntax checker tools has also created certain confusions and queries in the minds of users in choosing the right tool for their writings. Let’s address those queries and confusions of the users of online grammar tools through a few FAQs and the introduction of the top features and reasons to choose a professional-level tool for grammar revision in the papers.  

FAQs About Grammar Mistakes and Online English Editor

Q: How do I check my grammar mistakes?

You can check your grammar mistakes by the following two methods:

  • Manual checking – In this type of grammar mistake checking, you can either check yourself or get a service of an expert editor. If you check yourself, you need to have full command over the grammar rules, exceptions, and the knowledge of different referencing styles and other writing standards. If you use the service of an expert editor, you will need to pay charges for that service.
  • Automated software – In this method, a free grammar checker for students like ours, is used to check grammar mistakes online. This method for grammar mistake checking is getting more popular among all disciplines of education nowadays.

Q: What are common grammatical errors?

The most common grammatical errors found in the writings of the students are listed below:

most common grammatical mistakes
  • Run-on sentences and common splicing errors
  • Misuse of punctuation
  • Misuse of active and passive voice
  • Noun and possessive pronoun disagreements
  • Subject-verb disagreements
  • Incorrect use of apostrophes
  • Incorrect position of modifier words in sentences
  • Fragments of sentences
  • Misuse of a preposition at the end of the sentence
  • Misspelling of rhyming words like “there” and “their”, etc.
  • Undifferentiation in plurals and passiveness condition of noun and pronoun
  • Misuse of adjectives and adverbs
  • Incorrect use of prepositions

Q: What is grammar correction software?

Grammar correction software is a web-based software application for English grammatical check online. It can scan the text that you type or paste in the widget or in a text input field to find out the grammatical mistakes in your text. This software is designed and developed by implementing all grammatical rules and other writing norms into a software algorithm, which scrutinizes the words, sentences, and paragraphs in the light of those rules. If any word, sentence, or paragraph deviates from those rules, it will detect the mistake and will provide the correct options online.

Q: How can I rely on the results of online grammar editing software?

You can fully rely on professional-level English helper online free tools because they offer a high level of accuracy and reliability. Other reasons for relying on a professional-grade level are listed below:

  • Powered by the latest technologies used in linguistics such as natural language processing (NLP) and others
  • The use of artificial intelligence makes them more powerful and reliable
  • Proper input and feedback of linguistic experts and grammaticians
  • Continual efforts for improvement in the accuracy

Q: How can I check my grammar for free?

You can use a free online tool to revise for grammatical errors in your text by taking the following steps:

  • Copy/paste your text in the widget of our online tool
  • Click the ‘check my text for free’ button. The tool performs English grammar online check on your text and will underline the mistakes automatically.
  • Click the underlined word. A detailed suggestion for correction appears.
  • Click the right option. Repeat this process for all mistakes.
  • You are done!

Q: Is your English proofreading online tool free of charge?

Yes, our online tool is free of charge with all basic features and capabilities. You can use it for free without any time limit. You can also upgrade for the advanced features at any time if you like it.

Q: Which English grammar app is the best?

Almost all online grammar checking applications claim to be one of the best grammar apps. This makes choosing the right app very tricky and complex. A great online grammar checker app should have the following basic features:

features of a great grammar editing software
  • Very large satisfied customer base
  • Should have great experience
  • Must implement modern technologies
  • Should provide numerous additional features other than grammar checking
  • Great reviews from the customers

An Introduction to Our Online English Grammar Reviewer Tool

How do you make sure your grammar is perfect? Use our online English grammar reviewer tool to make sure your grammar as well as your writing style and tone, are perfect. Our online tool is a specialized grammar checking tool, which helps the writing not only correct their grammatical mistakes but also helps to make your writing perfect by finding numerous types of mistakes and misuses in your text that are not in line with the modern writing standards and grammatical rules.

Our online tool is a feature-rich and professionally-designed platform, which has a proven track record of customer satisfaction and trust.

How to Revise Your Grammar Through Our Tool

Our online tool helps you revise a wide range of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and text styling mistakes in your text. You can check your text for all those types of mistakes through our text with full confidence.

The working principle of our online tool is so simple. It takes your text as input and runs the text through software algorithms implemented in our online cloud-based platform to detect all mistakes in your text. The process of grammar mistake detection is powered by cutting-edge software technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and others.

 It will help you detect the following types of mistakes and other writing issues in your text:

  • All types of grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes in a wide range of English accents
  • Basic punctuation mistakes, run-on sentences, comma splices, and others
  • Active and passive misuses in line with numerous referencing styles
  • Detects the tone, engagement, flow, smoothness, and numerous other parameters of writing
  • Detects the plagiarized text in your writing
  • Incorrect use of words, verbs, and prepositions
  • And many others

Advantages and Reasons for Popularity of Our Paragraph Checker Tool

Why should I correct my English sentence through your online sentence checker? There are numerous good reasons for using our online paragraph checker tool online. It offers numerous advantages to the writers that use our online tool. Those desirable advantages are the fundamental driver for the increased popularity of our online grammar error checking tool.

A few very important advantages offered by our online tool are listed below:

  • It is free to use without any charge at all
  • Highly reliable with a greater level of accuracy in the results
  • Available round the clock to access through any supported browser from anywhere around the world
  • The turnaround time is just a few seconds without any waiting queue
  • Offers grammar learning option through suggestive learning
  • Helps improve your vocabulary consistently
  • Makes you text free from any kinds of plagiarism
  • Helps your text qualify for the modern writing standards
  • Supports numerous referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago Manual, and others
  • Helps you to make your writing more effective and productive
  • Helps you achieve higher grades in exams and academic researches
  • Saves the complete record of your past work for future reference
  • Provides complete insight into your past work so that you can keep improving your writing
  • And much more

If you are in search of an ideal grammar editor online, try our professional-level online English editor tool to take full advantage of its features and capabilities!